Week 2 of partial lockdown

While dog owners without gardens are in the unenviable position of having to walk their dog twice a day, the gardens at my new home allow me to limit dog walking to once a week.

On Monday we took a stroll to the beach. These photos were taken in January when I visited the house that is now my permanent home. There were more people on the beach on Monday than there was on that January day when I took the photo.

On Monday I counted 25 people along the whole stretch of the beach. But the path to the beach is narrow and I felt anxious about being only 2 metres from others who were passing.

I also feel anxious at the Co op where it’s not possible to stay 2 metres distance from staff stacking shelves. And there’s a lot of shelf stacking going on, except in the bog roll section which is always empty, as staff are keeping the loo roll in the back of the shop so that you have to ask for it.

Living in a small Highland town means it’s impossible to get a delivery slot now, so I wait until the fridge and cupboard is bare before I don my N95 face mask for a nervous and sweaty trip to the Co op. This mask is basically a dust protector. It won’t prevent me from contracting Covid-19 but it will protect others if I cough.

After 2 weeks of living here, I finally signed my tenancy agreement by email. It’ll likely take 2 months for the housing benefit application to arrive as I’m guessing that at least half of the population will be attempting to claim it.

The decorating plan has been shelved as Dulux, the only company who stock the emulsion colours I like, are closed. I’ve ordered gloss which may or may not be delivered next month. But there’s still plenty of weeding to be done in the overgrown garden.

Given the problems I’ve had getting anything delivered, I didn’t even bother to look for seed compost. I sifted the clumpy garden soil by hand to plant seeds I found in the shed. Whether the onion, parsley, dill or nasturtiums will sprout remains to be seen.

The floors are swept, kitchen disinfected and laundry done. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to hang laundry outdoors. I don’t want fabric conditioner as the wind irons out the creases and leaves my clothes smelling of my favourite scent – fresh air.

After a cold week we are into double temperature figures, so it’s time to continue weeding.

The neighbours have asked me to trim my bush which is protruding onto the communal path. I’ve no shears so they’ve offered me theirs.

Best get out of my jammies then and get on with it.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

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