Week 3 of partial lockdown

While not in total lockdown, I’m only going for a walk once a week. If you’re out every day, you should consider today’s scientific predictions that the UK will experience the worst crisis in Europe and that South Koreans who’ve had the virus are getting sick again as the virus moves into second and third waves. I don’t think we’ll be out of the woods until 2021 at least.

The border is now restored in my front garden. The weed-strewn turf I dug up filled my garden bin, a half dozen black bags and the rest created a compost heap in my back garden. Apparently, if I leave this heap for a year, I’ll have John Innes style compost which is made of loam (a fancy word for soil).

I can’t do any more gardening until the bin is emptied and I’ve received supplies. I await compost, bark and climbing Clematis plants to start growing in my back garden. I wanted veg seeds but these are hard to come by, as many are already Digging for Britain.

If I want to fix my ugly lawn I’ll need a rake, lawn seed, lawn compost and a large watering can. I’m hesitant to spend money at this time but a rake and watering can are gardening essentials so I will stop hesitating and order them now.

Stay home, stay occupied, stay positive and if news makes you depressed stop watching it. I’m only watching Scottish news now and listening to Radio 4. I find news more palatable without heart wrenching images.

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