A year of social distancing

It comes as no surprise that we’ll be social distancing to the end of the year. When wee Nicola, First Minister of Scotland, made the announcement I decided to broaden my horizons beyond gardening to include cooking, decorating and socialising with wine once a week with my neighbour over our garden fence, 2 metres apart.

The wine idea isn’t going to work out. I haven’t had a drink for a month and have felt well. After 3 glasses last night I woke up this morning feeling crap. So I’ve opted for colouring rainbows at weekends.

I’ve been eating ready meals for years but I now have a gas hob and a Monday delivery of pots etc. I made a start with making stock yesterday. Today I’m doing cauliflower cheese and on Monday I can make Delia’s potato, leek and onion soup. Next weekend I’ll do a Sunday roast to share with my neighbour.

I can’t get emulsion in the colours I want until Dulux return to work so the decorating project will start next week with glossing some doors.

The back garden is planted up so it’s just a case of tending to the plants now and focusing on the front garden.

The messy rockery out front is now weed free. Here it is before…

And after…

I fed the lawn with miracle grow 4 in 1 feed and weed/moss killer. I’m doubtful that this will get all the dandelions under control but we’ll see. I keep forgetting to not tread on the lawn with feet, or paws, so the front garden is now out of bounds for a week which means I won’t see anyone for a week.

I can always take a dog walk if I want to look at people. With fewer people around I take more notice of those who pass by. I consciously observe how everyone is so unique as individuals. So there’s no such thing as ‘strange’ any more.

What seemed a strange way of connecting a month ago when we began social distancing is now our new norm.

Our species came to dominate Earth owing to our capacity for adapting to changing circumstances. That dominion is now being challenged by invisible creatures who are just as good at adapting as we are.

The solution is to accept this challenge and adapt more. Those who struggle with acceptance of change and uncertainty will find this year painful and their mental health will suffer. Adaptation is a key skill in surviving and thriving.

Own it and hone it.

One thought on “A year of social distancing

  1. Adapt more…..I agree. Reading through your post, I was reminded of how this period has made me all of us slow down .
    Me too, there is just a bit more observation of my environment


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