One chair is plenty

I redecorated the lounge this week, from dark grey and red to light grey and aubergine. You’ll notice from the photo I have only one chair.

Wouldn’t a corner sofa be lovely there? Yes but a great expense for just one person to sit on. So I’ll wait until I have a visitor.

It could be a long wait. This is only the first wave of one virus. Even if we find a vaccine for one strain of coronavirus, another strain or new virus could come along after it.

With the prospect of being in my minimalist cave all on my own, potentially for years, I bought something else. Something alive that my dog won’t feel threatened by. Something I’ve always wanted.

A bonsai tree. Will post a photo when it arrives.

So my house mates are a dog, a tree and a plant.

3 thoughts on “One chair is plenty

  1. Yes, they can’t talk. Sometimes I think I’d like a conversation with a human being. So here I am typing to you. If I want to speak I can always phone someone or ask a neighbour to come outside for a chat. I may do that for an exciting Saturday night, lol.

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