For every yan there’s a yin

A recent survey showed that people don’t need forests or even gardens to be happy because we can garden indoors too. It’s being surrounded by plants that makes us happy, particularly if we’ve nurtured those plants, especially from seed.

There are few council houses left with gardens that weren’t purchased by tenants during and after the Thatcher era. And it’s even more rare to have 2 gardens for a wee 1 bedroom granny house. But Highland towns have low density populations so why not? A front garden with a low fence to give you some distance from the neighbours opposite, and a back garden with a 5 foot fence that you can do what you want in.

When you absorb yourself in new life, the madness of human society affects your mood far less.

It’s not that I don’t care that Madeleine McCann and George Floyd were murdered. Or that the UK has the highest rate of corona virus deaths in Europe. Or that Boris Johnson relaxed the lockdown too early so the R number is now almost 1 in England now. Or that Trump is a sick, unstable man who threatens to plunge the USA into civil war.

I’m still paying attention.

I still care.

And I don’t take any of it personally.

Because I have gardens to refresh my mind.

A yin to the yan.

And a constantly refreshed mind doesn’t dwell on negativity.

Happy gardening and thanks for reading and looking at my work, below.

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