For every yan there’s a yin

A recent survey showed that people don’t need forests or even gardens to be happy because we can garden indoors too. It’s being surrounded by plants that makes us happy, particularly if we’ve nurtured those plants, especially from seed. There are few council houses left with gardens that weren’t purchased by tenants during and afterContinue reading “For every yan there’s a yin”

A year of social distancing

It comes as no surprise that we’ll be social distancing to the end of the year. When wee Nicola, First Minister of Scotland, made the announcement I decided to broaden my horizons beyond gardening to include cooking, decorating and socialising with wine once a week with my neighbour over our garden fence, 2 metres apart.Continue reading “A year of social distancing”

Week 1 of partial lockdown

Moved home a week ago. Don’t want broadband. Using mobile data for a weekly post. Have plenty of gardening and decorating to stay occupied. Tango is very happy to have a garden. I’m very happy in social isolation except for occasional visit to shop, only when necessary. We have all we need and more. MyContinue reading “Week 1 of partial lockdown”